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Important Air Shipping Tips You Should Know

While ocean freight is typically the cheapest international shipping option for freight, we know that air shipping is by far the fastest route. For high value, urgent, or perishable food deliveries, aviation is frequently the transit mode of choice. Freight that would take 10 days to a month by sea, depending on the type of ship, can arrive in 1 or 2 days by plane.

In today’s accelerated global market, quick supply is a prerequisite for successful business. Speedy delivery provided by air freight is, of course, unmatched by any other means of transportation. For example, a shipment from China will make it to the US in less than 3 business days.

The speed of delivery also brings more reliability and decreases the risk of damage. Generally speaking, the less time your cargo spends in the shipment process, the less risk for something to go wrong.

If you plan on shipping your cargo via air, keep in mind the size factor. An airplane offers limited space which could prove to be insufficient for large quantities of a product line, or particularly massive items. Last but not least, for the environmentally-minded businesses, it goes without saying that air freight shipments will not exactly help reduce your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked question

Which factors determine the air freight cost? The main factor for the pricing is, naturally, weight. However, this does not mean that sending a light but voluminous shipment will automatically alleviate the costs. In that case, the volume will determine the price. When you opt for shipping your cargo by air, you should start by cross-referencing its weight, volume, and value.

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